What makes
a city?

This space is dedicated to telling the story of Pittsfield as a city. While most of the county is green, wild and bucolic, some parts are designed, built, and shared by many. Of these places, none are as Urban as Pittsfield. (Hashtag.) How do we Pittsfielders make this a more modern, connected, sustainable and communal city? What do young people and longtime natives see in a city like this? There are 43,697 people here who can answer that. Time to get started.

the walk

The Pittsfielder is about seeing the city from a new perspective: standing on two feet or riding (or rolling) on two wheels. We have enough of a windshield perspective already. With some planning and perseverance, it is possible to enjoy Pittsfield with light use of a car. And that will make our community all the stronger and healthier (physically and socially). The more we get out of our shells and connect with our surroundings, the more equipped we'll be to handle any problem we face.


A city
is social

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The Pittsfielder's vision statement: to begin a paradigm shift in the way that Pittsfield views its public amenities, urban fabric and civic assets. We will erase the phrase "That's how we have always done it" from our vocabulary, and instead look at becoming a model for small city urbanism in the United States.

Now comes the fun part. We get to imagine Pittsfield as anything we want it to be. No idea is too weird. This will be a place to show original content, share local news and national topics that may be relevant to Pittsfield, and provide a forum for discussion and debate, online and on the street.