The Pittsfielder's New Year's Resolutions (3/5)

This is part three of my five New Year's resolutions that I am sharing for 2018, with the intent of making these my core focus of the Pittsfielder starting next year. Explore the Blog to see other resolutions.

Resolution 3: Paint the Town with Murals

On a similar note to yesterday's resolution on public space, I want to find as many locations as I can to host public art and maybe bring some larger-than-life murals to the city. My college town of Rochester is a city with a similar industrial past. The city is host to an internationally-known art program called Wall\Therapy, which hosts new artists every year who are invited to share their work on the canvas of a building wall. I think Pittsfield could learn from this program, and from our neighboring city of North Adams, on how to bring some plain walls of Pittsfield to life. My initial goal is to get one mural commissioned somewhere in the downtown arts overlay district. The Morningside neighborhood/Tyler Street TDI district are also great candidates for new public art. Where would you like to see some color?

The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless.

That's day three of The Pittsfielder's five New Year's Resolutions; check back tomorrow (or if you're reading this in the future, just go back to the Blog page) for the next core topic of 2018. For this or any topic, please leave your feedback and ideas, or share your own Pittsfield-related resolution!

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