The Pittsfielder's New Year's Resolutions (4/5)

This is part four of my five New Year's resolutions that I am sharing for 2018, with the intent of making these my core focus of the Pittsfielder starting next year. Explore the Blog to see other resolutions.

Resolution 4: A Parklet

This one is pretty straightforward; I want to build a parklet. What is a parklet? Think of it as a tiny park the size of a parking space. The concept began in San Francisco some years ago, and has now been adopted by activists in cities all over the globe as a means of demonstrating what else can be done in a space the size of a parking spot. The third Tuesday of September is now celebrated as world Park(ing) Day, where pop-up parks emerge for one day to bring awareness to the importance of urban space. I would like to have a parklet demonstration ready for this year's Park(ing) Day, September 18, 2018. Below are some examples of parklets that have sprung up in cities around the United States. Also keep an eye on North Adams as they construct a parklet as part of their Eagle Street Initiative.

Early ideas for locations of a Pittsfield Parklet:

  • East Street in front of Otto's Breakfast and Deli
  • North Street in front of The Marketplace, J. Allen's and Hot Harry's
  • North Street near Dottie's Coffee Lounge or Framework
  • South Street in front of the Berkshire Common (Crowne Plaza) complex

That's day four of The Pittsfielder's five New Year's Resolutions; check back tomorrow (or if you're reading this in the future, just go back to the Blog page) for the next core topic of 2018. For this or any topic, please leave your feedback and ideas, or share your own Pittsfield-related resolution!

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