The Pittsfielder's New Year's Resolutions (5/5)

This is the last of my five New Year's resolutions that I am sharing for 2018, with the intent of making these my core focus of the Pittsfielder starting next year. Explore the Blog to see other resolutions.

Resolution 5: Retail

This is probably the most wide-ranging of the resolutions I want to make for next year, so please bear with my likely rambling ideas... In a nutshell, I want to study the existing retail climate on North Street and the surrounding downtown areas, and how to continue building on the improvements that have been made in the retail experience over the past decade. In one of my inaugural posts for the The Pittsfielder, I considered the process behind bringing the framework of the Berkshire Mall to downtown, using existing resources and retail space. I would like to explore more in depth on that, and look into more specifics about who could go where, and what some real logistical challenges could be.

The mini-mall in the Kinnell-Kresge Building is still patiently waiting.

The mini-mall in the Kinnell-Kresge Building is still patiently waiting.


The concept of pop-up retail is beginning to emerge in the post-Amazon online shopping age, and could be something that Pittsfield innovates on. There are plenty of talented artists and makers in the Berkshires, and some who have found a niche online with Etsy, Pinterest, and eBay. For most makers and artists, it would not be practical to open a storefront permanently, what about the possibility of running a shop for one week or a few days out of the month, like a "retail time share?"

Finally, I hope to become more involved in existing retail like the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers' Market, or the Holiday Shindy at Shire City Sanctuary. Maybe we'll even see a Pittsfielder booth...?

That's day five, and the final day, of The Pittsfielder's five New Year's Resolutions; head back to the Blog page for the other core topics of 2018. For this or any topic, please leave your feedback and ideas, or share your own Pittsfield-related resolution! I hope everyone is able to welcome in the new year with optimism and that feeling of a new beginning. See you in 2018. 

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