So who are you?

I am a native to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, raised by parents who are Berkshire County natives. Some might say that I fall into the "millennial" category, and I'm sure I can fit the stereotype in more ways than I'm aware. I lived in Pittsfield up until high school graduation, and was away for five years while I attended university in Rochester, New York. Having watched Pittsfield from a distance during that time (aside from holiday visits), I began to see the changes take effect that were set in motion while I was a kid. Now that I am back, I hope to capitalize on those changes and keep the conversion going on how to keep making Pittsfield better.


Can I contribute to the site?

I would love to see your thoughts, ideas, art and photos about the urban fabric of Pittsfield. If you have some unique photos, anecdotes or perspectives about living in the city, please feel free to send them to me. Keep in mind that the content shared here should be of good quality and effort, try to reinforce The Pittsfielder's Vision Statement, and of course should not be inflammatory, offensive, derogatory or politically/culturally biased.


How else can I help?

While The Pittsfielder is not currently selling merchandise or asking for donations, what I am seeking right now is a small band of interested volunteers for projects around the city. I have more than a few ideas already. These may include small builds or virtual projects. If you are interested in being on-call for a future project, please reach out on social media or send an email to thepittsfielder@gmail.com.


Any other questions?

Reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or email anytime.